Megatrend Pathways Research and application of the innovative Megatrend Pathways Model

Megatrend Pathways is a model to understand both the origin and the development of Megatrends as well as effects when Megatrends meet, mix, combine and evolve.

Franz Wenzel


Life is precious and manifold. How people interact, form societies and live their lifes is very complex to understand but it follows certain patterns. Megatrend research provides insights which big drivers advance human interaction, societies and how we live.

A variety of articles on this website covers some of the most potential points of entry towards ‘Megatrends’.

Megatrend Articles

Soon after I started my studies on Megatrends I created the core concept of the Megatrend Pathways Model.┬áIt was influenced by a ‘trail model’ I developped several years before, to understand the relationship between different shapings of a concept or lifestyle in different domains of life.

Over time the Megatrend Pathways Model has made some progress and it is still in its further development getting at the same time more and more details and potential of insights into trend evolution. The following trends have already been successfully included in the model, more basic trends and new trends will follow shortly.

The model will be available online on this webite. Please revisit regularly and take a look at the flanking articles and posts. Please feel free to contact me at any time. Maybe you’d like to join my research or discuss about the model or its implications?

Franz Wenzel