Trusted Change From Trusted Innovation to Trusted Change in times of Transformation

Transformation is going on large scale as the effects of various Megatrends combine. Change has happened all time but in the present scenario Megatrends multiply and speed-up in their combination..

Change follows in the footsteps of innovaten, as innovation redefines how our societies are structured, how people interact, communicate, travel, learn, work and live, how ideas are generated, how innovation is processed and how companies produce and deliver their services and products.

Only if people can understand and trust the multitude of innovations (Trusted innovation) this will lead to a structured and productive change process (Trusted Change).

Franz Wenzel

Franz Wenzel, is researcher, lecturer and entrepreneur. He studied Business Economics and Management with the major subjects Marketing, Informatics, Psychology and Adult Education at Catholic University / Ingolstadt School of Management. Research in the domains of Innovation and Management both on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises as well as on Start-Ups form the center of his academic work. Holding expertise in Management Strategy, Leadership and Socio Economics (viewed from the perspective of Sustainable Development), Franz developed an innovative Megatrend approach and his concept of Cooperative Innovation. He is entrepreneur, self-employed in the fields of education, media and digitization. executive officer of an international eCommerce company, managing Director of a research institute, scientific Director of an innovation think tank and Start-Up investor.

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