Supply is not the Problem Understanding the System Capacity Horizon

Our developed societies need lots of energy – every day, every hour, every minute. Just like an addict we need that energy to be functioning, to be productive and to be happy. Energy is both energy in its original meaning as well as impetus to move, to work and to think.

I use my concept “System Capacity Horizon” to demonstrate that not the supply side is the problem. Let us take oil as an example: There is enough of it for this and maybe the next generations. We might have to dig a little deeper or use new methods to get it, such as fracking etc. And to be honest:¬†When we talk about energy in a sustainable context, renewable energy comes to our minds. Green energy is a good thing but when we look at the developing contries and their growing demand exactly of such products and lifestyles the developed countries already have, unfortuantely I do not see the use of enough renewables. People all around the world find impetus for their work within the concept of consumer goods, be it the next mobile phone, a fast car, travelling the world, or any other convenience that is promised as reward dor more (productive) work.

But the system, our planet and its eco system, has only limited capacity to process the exhaust that our consumption produces. The System Capacity Horizon, may it be trchnically understood as a limit line in each scenario we try to understand or consider to follow, reminds us of that limited system capacity. The System Capacity Horizon can simply be added to any model or concept.

Franz Wenzel

Franz Wenzel, is researcher, lecturer and entrepreneur. He studied Business Economics and Management with the major subjects Marketing, Informatics, Psychology and Adult Education at Catholic University / Ingolstadt School of Management. Research in the domains of Innovation and Management both on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises as well as on Start-Ups form the center of his academic work. Holding expertise in Management Strategy, Leadership and Socio Economics (viewed from the perspective of Sustainable Development), Franz developed an innovative Megatrend approach and his concept of Cooperative Innovation. He is entrepreneur, self-employed in the fields of education, media and digitization. executive officer of an international eCommerce company, managing Director of a research institute, scientific Director of an innovation think tank and Start-Up investor.

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