Accelerator Effects How Megatrends accelerate along the Megatrend Pathways

Megatrends shape the world. These effekts have been seen in the past and they will be seen in the future. But never before in human history Megatrends influenced such a huge amount of people in such an intense way and in such a short time.

Of high interest to Megatrend research and application is the following observation: up to a certain development level trend effects speed up over time. Especially in such scenarios where Megatrends meet, mix, combine or evolve the effect is particularly important. Megatrend Pathways that meet (overlap, mix or combine) usually also are the cradle of new Megatrends.

At such crucial points technologies, applications or effects might arise that easily exceed our expectations and preparations. Good Megatrend research should consider to look out for these points and prepare properly or act wisely.

Today we see the chance to understand Megatrends faster and much better than we did in the past. Even if trends speed up and hit in broader context we also have a much better overview on more and more of the complerxities involved. Better models, such as integrated approaches or holistic views that superseed single discipline perspectives, provide more and faster insight.

Franz Wenzel

Franz Wenzel, is researcher, lecturer and entrepreneur. He studied Business Economics and Management with the major subjects Marketing, Informatics, Psychology and Adult Education at Catholic University / Ingolstadt School of Management. Research in the domains of Innovation and Management both on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises as well as on Start-Ups form the center of his academic work. Holding expertise in Management Strategy, Leadership and Socio Economics (viewed from the perspective of Sustainable Development), Franz developed an innovative Megatrend approach and his concept of Cooperative Innovation. He is entrepreneur, self-employed in the fields of education, media and digitization. executive officer of an international eCommerce company, managing Director of a research institute, scientific Director of an innovation think tank and Start-Up investor.

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